Graco Reactor E-20


Graco E-20 Reactor

is electric driven state-of-the-art plural component proportioning system that gives superior performance, control and accuracy
The Graco Reactor E20 is designed to apply Polyurethane Foam materials that require accurate temperatures and pressures necessary for the ultimate foam results.
Graco Proportioners Brochure

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Graco E-20 Features and Benefits
Graco E-20 Sinusoidal Motion
    • Energy efficient DC motor

<liNew! Hybrid Heater Design Utilizes direct and mass heating for increased Delta-T

  • New! Circulation Valves redesigned for Isocyanate materials
  • New! Modular Heater Electronics increase performance and reliability
  • Digital User Controls
  • Quick Knock Down Fluid Sections
  • Sinusoidal motion smoothes pump changeover found in traditional vertical pumping systems.
  • ISO pump lube system
  • System diagnostics with error codes
  • Automatic system shut down when user defined pressure imbalance is detected


System pulls the heat from the diesel engine to heat the A and B materials
Since there are no heaters (or only small heaters) on the proportioner, this reduces the electrical demands of the generator, allowing a smaller generator to be used
The system’s smaller 20 kw generator uses less fuel than a standard 30 or 40 kw generator
You benefit from an annual fuel savings on average of $7,000 (actual savings may vary)
Tracks project information
Lets you download data onto a USB drive for further analysis
Stores up to 24 chemical recipes
On-screen troubleshooting advice
Flexible system settings
With just one pass through the heat exchanger, materials can be can be heated to a Delta T of 100°F (38°C)
This improved heating capacity means you can start spraying sooner
Graco Reactor Electric E Pump Lower - Introduction video


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