Graco E-10hp Reactor


Graco E-10hp Reactor

An Entry-Level system for pure and hybrid polyurea coatings.
If you’d like to add polyurea projects to your line-up, the Graco’s Reactor E-10hp High Pressure Proportioner is a smart, affordable investment that can help your business grow. The Reactor E-10hp provides the high pressure power and performance you need to spray polyurea coatings. It’s lightweight, portable and runs on residential power so you don’t need to invest in a generator. Fast start-up times With the system’s innovative boost heat and insulated tanks, material heats up fast so you’re up and running sooner. In fact, you’re ready to spray in 20 minutes*, compared to over an hour startup time on a standard Reactor E-10.
Graco E-10hp Reactor Brochure

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Features and Benefits
  • Heats material fast for better productivity
  • Portable, compact and easy to maneuver
  • Easy to use
  • Uses standard residential electrical outlet
  • Affordable
Ideal for small to medium projects such as terraces, pools, balconies, tanks, truck bedliners, secondary containment and waterproofing.

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