Lapolla Foam-LOK 2000-4G

Lapolla continues to remain on the cutting edge of technology by being the first globally to introduce the next generation blowing agent into our closed-cell spray foam insulation system. This new technology contributes to the foam’s superior performance including enhanced insulating properties, improved yield and environmental benefits by reducing carbon footprint and GWP.
Lapolla, Industries is the first manufacturer of spray foam to launch the next generation of wall insulation spray foam containing Honeywell’s Solstice technology.

Why Solstice?
  •  Low GDP
  •  No ODP
  •  Higher R-Value
Lapolla FOAM-LOK 2000-4G reduces the ozone depletion potential by 100%, with an ODP value of ZERO!!
Technical Aspects:
  •  Similar performance as current closed cell FOAM-LOK 2000
  •  Shelf Life is currently at 90 days
  •  Parameters are similar to current FOAM-LOK 2000 with some slight adjustments in temperature.
  •  Yields will have significant improvement and we will continue to
    monitor with our contractors on results.
  •  Higher R-Value
  •  Better Yield
  •  Improvements of up to 10%
  •  Based on 10% improvements, price averages out to $1.85
  •  Yields may be greater based on current field testing


FOAM-LOK 2000-4G


President Obama Administration 2014 HFC Fact Sheet

Lapolla & Whirlpool Uses Honeywell Solstice LBA 082514 Press Release

honeywell-solstice-lba-Purdue-Case study-v5

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