Preserving History with SPF

Preserving History with SPF

Wesleyan University Project

Larry Harmon from Air Barrier Solutions was called in to help seal up this 183 year old historic building at Wesleyan University in Middleton Connecticut

After an intense review, it was decided that closed cell spray foam was the best solution to seal their building and prevent the moisture problems that have been created do to inadequate air sealing and insulation.

This job was full of complicated maneuvering in a jungle of beams, slopes and cables wrapped with an extremely sensitive sprinkler system. It is very obvious that one wrong move and it could have been a disaster!

Lucky for Wesleyan University, Air Barrier Solutions Inc. are professionals. Professionals understand the value of using great quality products backed by great training and support. That’s why they use Bayer , Bayseal 2.0 closed cell spray foam, from Spray Foam Distributors of New England.

Although the job was extremely complicated with safety cables and extensive ventilation, it went just as planned!

Hats off to ABS for all their hard work - it looks great!!!

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