Reactor 2 E-XP2i

Reactor 2 E-XP2i


The integrated series of Reactor 2 systems combines an electric proportioner and diesel generator into one package - an innovative, cost-saving design. In addition, the system offers the many advantages of the revolutionary Reactor 2 design.

Integrated design repurposes wasted heat and saves energy
  • System pulls the heat from the diesel engine to heat the A and B materials, reducing electrical demand on the generator (See illustration for details)
  • The system's smaller 20 kw generator uses less fuel than a standard 30 or 40 kw generator
  • You benefit from an annual fuel savings on average of $7,000 (actual savings may vary)
Fast material heating gets you up and running quicker
  • With just one pass through the heat exchanger, materials can be heated to a Delta T (change in
    temperature) of 100°F (65°C).
  • That's 25% greater than a standard Reactor model. Because of this better Delta T performance,
    you don't have to wait as long for materials to pre-heat.
Innovative design re-purposes wasted heat and saves energy

Graco's patent-pending dual coolant loop design ensures that the A an B materials are isolated from
the engine coolant. This unique design also provides constant, steady temperature control for superior
heating performance.

Reactor 2 advanced features can revolutionize the way you run your business

Each feature in the Reactor 2 was strategically designed to help your business, with innovations that help your operation run smoothly. Software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance. And new technologies that add to your bottom line.

  • Better control - with Graco InSite remote reporting, you can manage your spray foam or polyurea business wherever you are
  • Better documentation - collect job log data automatically and confirm you sprayed to specifications
  • Compact footprint - more room in your spray rig
  • Advanced controls with more visible information and tracking capabilitiy
  • Ergonomic design - easier maintenance and service
  • Better spraying performance compared to traditional electric Reactor systems
  • Advanced circuit boards - minimize pressure fluctuations
  • Better management of fleet, crew, cost containment and forecasting
  • Troubleshooting made quick and easy with QR codes
  • 3-year warranty on major electronic components
  • Energy-saving integrated design
  • Graco InSite Remote Reporting Technology
  • Inlet pressure and temperature sensors
  • Advanced control module
  • Stores up to 24 chemical recipes
  • Easy-to-see drum level indicators
  • More compact design
  • New multi-zone heater control module
  • Brushless DC motor
  • On-screen QR codes for faster troubleshooting information
  • Extreme-Wrap scuff guard
  • Hydrovane tankless air compressor (optional)
  • Refrigerated air dryer (optional)