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“Hi Jeff, Thanks for the great seminar this week; I learned a lot, all of which I am about to start applying. It was also really useful to hear George’s horror stories and to see the actual conditions he has dealt with; I think it is a great component of the training, and I suspect my classmates would agree. We had a very lively and interactive discussion about some of the issues George brought up. He was especially good at discussing business management strategies.”
Ryerson Metals
“I just wanted to say Thank You! for the excellent, on point, training we received this week. Coming from an organization which provides in-depth and industry specific training as well, I have seen all forms and I would like to complement you on including the “hands-on” segment, it truly brings all of the classroom knowledge to fruition. George… You are a breath of fresh air! I am impressed with your business acumen and industry ethics. Thank you so much for restoring my faith in the concept of ”good guys can be fair and successful”. Your staff was excellent, very accommodating… I definitely felt like a welcomed guest for the last three days. Jeff… I never doubted the material you were relaying on days 1 & 2… and you successfully brought it all home to me on day 3! As instructors I think we can become jaded and judge material presented as pomp and circumstance to an extent… I know I have attended classes before to find that the instructor has no real “field” experience. Thank you for taking the time to work with Jeremy and I on day 3, demonstrating and walking us through the how behind the why you had previously given us. Your personal dedication to improving the standards of the industry is impressive, Thank you sir. I am very much looking forward to building a working relationship with your organization,”
Vickie, Jeremy
Mascoma Renovation and Restoration
“I order Supplies regularly from SFD, The team is awesome. Last month I upgraded from AP to ClearShot and Jeff met me at the shop on a Saturday to give me the gun. When I got there he had a bench set up and the gun and all conceivable spare parts and upgrades i would need. He would not let me leave until i completely disassembled and re-assembled the gun and had a working understanding of the differences in the newer technology and reasoning behind SFD’s customization of my gun package. I have saved sooo much time with the new gun, drillbit time/frustration is a thing of the past. Spray pattern is consistent, Yield is up, time/profits are up. The gun might have already paid for itself. Crazy, i know.. Call them and order yours today, you’ll be doing yourself a favor…”
Spraytech Foam
“I thought the course was amazing. I learned a lot and am always looking to expand my knowledge. I would certainly be very interested in refresher courses in the future and also in any advanced training. I am so happy to see a company interested in teaching their products and expertise and not just making money. Thank you again.”