SucraSeal Open Cell (.5lb)


Announcing SucraSeal™

A Major Advance in Spray Foam Technology
SucraSeal Foam uses a patent pending technology to produce a .5 PCF formulation of SucraSeal spray foam. The .5 PCF boasts a finished foam bio-based content of 17%. This product meet the USDA’s BioPreferred® Program qualifications and its bio-based content has been determined by ASTM D-6866. The SucraSeal spray foam line is formulated using water-blown technology so it contains no ozone depleting CFSs or HCFCs, giving it an added degree of bio-based content and renewability.

SucraSeal insulation offers high-yield and a minimum R-value of 3.7 per inch, is VOC and formaldehyde free. The SucraSeal spray foam line offers superior fire-resistance and passes the ACC 377 Appendix X test for flammability uncoated without the use of an ignition barrier. SucraSeal’s patented process makes the foam fire-resistant. The fire-resistance is built into the foam itself. SucraSeal’s natural and superior fire protection is less expensive to produce and install because it does not require the addition of a chemical fire barrier coating