sprayfoamcoallition logoThe Bayer mission statement: Science for a Better Life is behind every facet of our operations. We view the SFC Code of Conduct as the logical, minimal code for manufacturing spray foam systems.

  • Bayer participated in development of the SFC Code of Conduct, advising and sharing best practices.
  • Bayer strongly advocates continually raising standards on safety, product stewardship, quality and professionalism in the SPF industry.
  • As both a major producer of raw materials and owner of a system house that blends SPF, Bayer has unique insight into the SPF value chain.
  • Bayer plans to participate in the movement toward further professionalism by becoming an accredited supplier through the SPFA’s Supplier Accreditation Program. This underscores the company’s commitment to remaining involved in ongoing efforts to raise the standards of health and safety for the entire SPF industry.

Bayer is optimistic the industry and consumers will continue to recognize the importance of using properly trained and educated SPF providers.

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