Injection Foams

Our Take on Injection Foams!

Why have injection foams been getting a lot of interest lately...? Because they are riding on the popularity wave of spray polyurethane foam!!! Just because they have foam in the name, doesn't mean they perform like spray foam. Phenolic foams, which is what injection foams are, contain a large amount of water and as Read more…

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Did Someone Say Coupon?

       Genuine Graco Parts Campaign The Genuine Graco Parts Campaign is designed to to remind you - our Protective Coatings and Foam & Polyurea users that Graco parts: are designed to exact standards are built to the highest quality available will optimize the performance of your equipment will prolong the Read more…

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Energy Saving

Preserving History with SPF

Wesleyan University Project Larry Harmon from Air Barrier Solutions was called in to help seal up this 183 year old historic building at Wesleyan University in Middleton Connecticut [slideshow_deploy id='1518'] After an intense review, it was decided that closed cell spray foam was the best solution to seal their building Read more…

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Money Out the Window: Wasted Home Energy tops list of ways Americans lose money

From the Bayer MaterialScience Spray Polyurethane Foam E-Update - Summer 2014 Writing for, Motley Fool outlined the top 20 ways Americans waste money. Some are not surprising – gambling, credit card interest, traffic tickets. What is surprising is the amount of money it costs homeowners for wasted energy costs. Business Insider estimates homeowners Read more…

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