Spray polyurethane foam contractors came together at the Northeast Spray Foam Conference, which was hosted by Spray Foam Distributors of New England.

LINCOLN, NH – June 13, 2013 – The 5th annual Northeast Spray Foam Conference was held in New Hampshire on May 21-24. Hosted by Spray Foam Distributors of New England (SFDONE), the event incorporated curriculum prep and examinations for the SPFA Professional Certification Program and featured the first-ever customer appreciation day.

“We wanted to offer PCP training to our customer base, and then have an event to let them know how much we appreciate their business,” said George Spanos, President of SFDONE.

During the first three days, the convention took place at the Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire, and on the fourth day the conference’s guests moved over to the SFDONE’s facility in Woodstock, New Hampshire to wrap up the event.

 The first three days covered the spectrum of SPFA Certification, from   the beginning phase of an SPF Assistant, continuing with SPF Installer, and finally, the SPF Master Installer Certification. The days were split between two sessions: in the morning session the attendees were given seminars of a designated SPFA Certification and in the afternoon an exam was administered based on the information given on the classes were the attendees were expected to have gained sufficient knowledge throughout the day.

The course seminars were taught by spray foam consultant Mason Knowles and VersaFlex’s Doug Commette; the tests were administered by an SPFA approved examiner from SFDONE.

According to Spanos, there were some who attended the conference that left the event with the SPF Assistant and SPF Installer accreditations. The SPF Master Installer Certification, on the other hand, required more than passing the test.

“You could walk away as an SPF Assistant or Installer, but for the Master Installer Certification, you need to have a field exam conducted at a later date,” said Spanos.

On Customer Appreciation Day, the SFDONE treated its conference guests by hosting a pig roast at their facility, which included a presentation on Graco spray rig equipment and two competitions for guests to partake in.

The first challenge was labeled the Spray Foam Showdown, which tested contestants to see who could spray a wall cavity on a mock stud assembly the best. The winner was John Meunier from 1st Prize Spray Foam, who won a set of Urethane Technology Company, Inc open-cell, 0.5 lb. foam.

For the second competition, they had a Fusion Gun Challenge. The contest consisted of whoever could assemble a Fusion spray gun the fastest while being blindfolded would win a Graco Fusion ClearShot spray gun for a prize. Winner Mike Boyden with East Shore Drywall put the spray gun together in 1 minute and 37 seconds. Graco’s Kevin Arsenault personally timed the contestants and awarded Boyden his prize.


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