1206574733930851359Ryan_Taylor_Green_Tick_svg_thumbAs New England’s leading provider of spray foam education, information and training, we would like to make you aware of the importance of job site record keeping. What are you doing when you are installing spf in homes and commercial buildings? Are you just spraying foam? No, you are actually operating a mobile plastic manufacturing plant. And when you are manufacturing, it is important to keep accurate records in case there is an issue. Because you are operating in an ever changing environment, not the constant environment of a factory, it is important to keep accurate records of the environment. Accurate temperature and moisture readings will help you figure out what happened in case of an issue. If you will require help from the foam manufacturer, they are going to want the lot number so that they can check the retained samples of material in the lab. The daily log sheets are also a valuable tool to track the amount of material used on each job so that you can check profitability and make sure you are bidding correctly. There is a place on the log sheet to put the actual amount of material used and the amount that was estimated. By making the sprayer fill out the daily log sheet, it is a great way to keep him aware of how important it is to spray the specified amount of foam! As part of our commitment to doing it right, we have made up some books of daily log sheets available for free to our customers. We have been doing our best to send one with orders, but sometimes things get overlooked. If you have not received one, drop us a line and we’ll get one for each of your rigs on the way!