• Dual chemical storage units eliminate the time-consuming labor and safety risk of moving heavy drums onto the rig.
  • Onboard Nitrogen generation ensures the isocyanate is moisture-free and arrives at the work site having maintained factory specifications.
  • The automated mixing system yields a thorough mixing of Appendix X materials by both circulating and blending the chemical without introducing agitated air pockets.
  • The fill system directly feeds into each drum, improving safety and speed.
  • The closed chemical system means hazardous material is never exposed to the environment, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • The system includes automated meters to constantly monitor levels in the tanks, preventing empty or overfilled chemical containers. The meters also ensure that chemical never runs dry during the spraying process.
  • Closed loop chemical handling and storage: Instead of barrels, our system includes two chemical tanks on each rig unit, which are loaded by our fill system. Worker and environmental exposure to chemicals is minimized.
  • Internal hose heating provides tightly controlled heating of the chemical and is mechanically and electrically protected from the environment. Additional GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption) protection means no risk of electrical shock if the hoses get wet.
  • Climate control of the chemical room ensures chemicals are kept at in an optimal operating environment without concerns of extremities extremes in the external weather conditions.
  • Enterprise reporting tools provide written assurance of manufacturer and regulatory compliance to your customer which provides them with greater peace of mind.


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