• Each section of hose is independently heated for each chemical. This allows for differences in viscosities for both the isocyanates and resin.
  • Controlling temperatures along hose sections eliminates the potentially damaging impact of sunlight and cold. Heaters can turn on or off as required by in-hose temperature sensors. These sensors, placed in multiple locations, ensure the viscosities are matched down the entire length of the hose.
  • Internal hose heating provides tightly controlled heating of the chemicals, and significantly reduces hose bulk and weight.
  • Pressure sensors are placed at multiple locations to provide accurate data of balanced hose viscosities.
  • By controlling pressure at the gun, correct atomization will occur resulting in maximum yields of the chemical product.
  • Akurate Hoses are up to 25% lighter in overall weight compared to industry standard hoses for a 200 ft section.
  • Akurate Whip Hose Section is up to 65% lighter in overall weight compared to industry standard whips.
Data Sheet