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No matter what your specialty, GreenGuard GOLD Certified GacoProFill® is an excellent multi-application open cell polyurethane foam that now allows one-hour re-entry times for construction trades!
► GacoProFill for Retrofit – This market has huge potential. 44% of U.S. homes were built before 1970 (approx. 57 million) and are more likely to have no existing insulation in the walls. GacoProFill can be installed from the home’s interior or exterior and won’t shrink, settle or sag.
► GacoProFill SYSTEM for New Construction – Reduce waste, eliminate trimming -GacoProFill can be easily installed behind a membrane (either GacoProFilm or GacoProWeb) as part of the GacoProFill SYSTEM. It offers a consistent cavity fill, and increases yield.
► GacoProFill Behind Roughed-in Drywall – With no membrane to fit or staple, GacoProFill greatly reduces installation time and expense. Results can be quickly verified using thermal imaging.
► GacoProFill for CMU Block Fill – GacoProFill is insulation and air barrier in one – and because it won’t shrink, settle or sag, it will continue to provide seamless insulation, energy savings and comfort year after year.
GacoProFill has been extensively tested and proven to reduce occupational exposure – making it the safer solution for installers. Gaco Western now recommends one-hour re-entry for the construction trades following the application of GacoProFill.
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