Due to the high volume of responses we received regarding the interest in a GACO ProFill Gaco One Passtraining we are on!!! Book your calendars for MARCH 24th, 2016 BUT MORE
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Also, for those procrastinating about the building envelope seminar on APRIL 1ST, 2016 (only 28 days away!), call us IMMEDIATELY TO BOOK YOUR SPOT(S)!
Newer energy codes require new homes and additions to be 30-50% more energy efficient than the 2006 codes. This requires that homes have considerably more insulation and be tight and tested to 3-5 air changes per hour. That’s pretty tight and time consuming unless you know how to do it.

This class will illustrate why well insulated, tighter, properly ventilated homes can actually perform better, last longer and are healthier to live in than the typically insulated, “accidentally ventilated” home. It is also designed to help you understand & sell your services with confidence! Also, with the new understanding that proper insulation AND ventilation is the key to an energy efficient, healthy living space, the occupant(s) will see why you’re the company of choice! Learn Insulation & air sealing myths & methods for building high performance homes, and, understanding & selecting fresh air ventilation systems! All from internationally recognized construction consultant & educator – Steve Easley!


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