Product Use and Design

Lapolla LPA 2800-4G is a closed cell polyurethane foam and provides a high performance, fully adhered roofing system providing insulation and water proofing. Lapolla LPA 2800-4G locks in every portion of the roof creating a seamless membrane thus eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners — the number one cause of conventional roof leaks. LPA 2800-4G spray foam roofing can also be applied to vertical surfaces making the seamless coverage self-flashing. In addition to roofing applications, LPA 2800-4G is also recommended for tank insulation applications.


• Offers a high R-value per inch

• Reduces installation time and costs

• Provides a waterproof monolithic roof system

• Enhances resistance to wind uplift and hail damage

• Decreases energy expenses compared to alternative solutions


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