Jeff spent a couple days working with MidCoast Construction in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. Jeff was doing an Akurate Dynamics demo with the customer, who sprays Gaco One Pass Foam.

“It was nice to have Craig Messer and Jon Bemis (Gaco Reps) on site to check out some old and new equipment. Everyone took part in offering helpful advice and as you can see it turned out to be a fantastic job due to proper prep and spray techniques, even at the challenging exterior temps of 14 F degrees with 15 -20 mph winds!”

Jeff Bailey
Technical Sales
2018-12-18 13.45.31
2018-12-18 12.07.24
2018-12-18 12.07.14
2018-12-18 13.43.30
2018-12-18 12.06.54


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