Dave and Wayne of North Country Spray Foam (NY) purchased their first equipment from us in December 2012.  Jeff trained them out in the field and they took off running!  They have since sprayed many projects, including at least seven roofs.  Here are some pictures of North Country’s latest roofing project; using new equipment and changing up the top coat to Polyurea! This system was specified with Gaco 3lb roof foam followed up by SPI Polyurea. North Country Foam has done many projects with Foam and Silicone and after completing some polyurea projects they felt this combo was the answer for this roof as it provides an astonishingly smooth rugged finish, with no worries of mother nature harming the roof deck.

They sprayed with their new Akurate Dynamic system sporting the Graco CS Gun. After the first pass Wayne (sprayer and part owner) said “ Oh my goodness, this is spraying the best roof foam I have ever seen with a perfect pattern! ” The building owners were so impressed they immediately signed for another roof to be done the same way, stay tuned for pics of that one in the near future!



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