Foam Pro’s Frank Reed, shares a day on the job he’ll never forget…

As with any crawl space job they can be dirty, muddy, rocky and just plain full of crap. On this particular job it was pretty confined, about 18″ to 24″ of clearance, but dry, actually a dust bowl with the air coming from the gun. We pulled all of the fiberglass insulation out and started applying spray foam. All this time going in and out of the same place to bag up the fiberglass and run the hose in and around stumps that the original camp was built on. About 4 and a half hours into a 5 hour job one of the guys came running up from around the back of the house and says ” Your not gonna believe this but we found a skull”. At first I’m thinking, cool and wondering if it was gonna be a cat, dog, coon or some kind of rodent. Then he said “Ya, a human skull”. We go down and sure enough there it is. Laying in the dirt next to a scrap piece of pvc. I take a look around to see if I can see where it came from and then I see what looks to be neck and shoulder with something wrapped around it. I asked to see how much we had left to do to finish the job. He said about 15 minutes. So we covered up what was there and finished up before calling 911. At this point what’s another 15 minutes. Figured there wasn’t much that could be done to revive this one any way. After about a month the home owner contacted me and told me that the state said that it was a female and well over 300 years old! Imagine this, the original camp was built in the 40’s. Then redone and added onto in the 80’s, then lifted and a footing and short wall put all the way around in the early 2000’s. All this time with a body under it. They figured it was an Native American woman that died in her sleep during the winter. She was wrapped in hide like she was sleeping in it. Snow must have covered her and in the spring she sank into the soft soil so nothing ever disturbed her until we pulled in. So when somebody says to me they’ve seen it all, I just say ” found any bodies yet?”. The answer always seems to be no.     
Frank Reed
Foam Pros LLC