The addition will be used to store a larger inventory of SPF equipment and materials.

WOODSTOCK, NH –December 18, 2013 – Spray Foam Distributors of New England (SFDONE) recently added another wing in their main facility in Woodstock, New Hampshire. The expansion of the facility was prompted by the company’s need of additional space in order to house a larger inventory of SPF equipment and materials.

The new wing is a 2,800 sq. ft. addition that will be used solely as warehouse space, so that the rest of the facility can be divided into SFDONE’s training facility, service shop, and operations office. According to SFDONE’s George Spanos, the expansion goes hand-in-hand with the growth of their distributing business, and it allows more space for their spray rig servicing.

“Our business is increasing every year,” Spanos said. “The extra space gives us room to warehouse a larger inventory, so that we can utilize the original space as a larger service shop. With more spray foam rigs on the road, we can get more spray rigs in our shop that need to be repaired.”

The inclusion of the warehouse wing will also facilitate in-house training that SFDONE carries out every month. Jeff Bailey, SFDONE’s technical sales manager, oversees a monthly seminar of the Bayer Applicator Information Program, which is an SPFA-accredited program for materials and equipment that provides hands-on opportunities for participants on how to properly apply SPF, learn spraying techniques, and maintain spray foam equipment. Participants are informed about current health and safety guidelines, building codes, thermal and ignition barriers, equipment troubleshooting and maintenance.

Moreover, the addition of the wing and inventory increment provides SFDONE with the ability to better service their clients with all their SPF needs.

“As one of the largest spray foam supplying companies in New England, we can never afford to be out of product,” Spanos said. “This additional space allows us keep a larger inventory on-hand that enables us to keep shipping out our materials in a grander scale on a daily basis.”

About Spray Foam Distributors of New England, Inc.: Spray Foam Distributors of New England, Inc. is the largest supplier of spray foam materials, application equipment, technical training and spare parts throughout New England. Spray Foam Distributors of New England carries spray foam materials and equipment and are official authorized distributors of Bayseal ™ Spray Foam insulation and Roofing Materials from Bayer MaterialScience®. They are also the largest distributors of Graco® Spray Foam and Coatings Application Equipment in the northeast. Spray Foam Distributors of New England actively services all of the New England states from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine.