NH Electric CO-OP Newsletter September, 2014.

Off Campus Rentals of Plymouth, NH is saving thousandsDollarphotoclub_student-sma
on energy while providing its tenants with comforts not usually found in your typical student apartments.

Micah McLane, manager of Off Campus Rentals, has launched a campaign of improvements that are upgrading the energy efficiency of his 22 properties that house a total of 190 Plymouth State University students. With help from Co-op Energy Solutions incentive programs, McLane is making major energy efficiency investments with surprisingly short payback periods.

Even more impressive is the benefit provided by the spray foam insulation recently applied in the basement of the building by Superior Insulation of Bath, NH. What was once a damp, drafty space is now dry and sealed from the elements. The improvements have reduced the building’s fuel consumption by at least a third. Further, the installation of new boilers with separate heating and cooling zones has allowed each unit to have its own climate control – a big plus for tenants’ comfort and an improvement that ends up saving even more energy.

All told, McLane has launched initiatives just within the past year to spray foam eight different properties, install five new energy efficient boilers and at least 10 new heat pump water heaters. He also plans to install a number of mini-split ductless heat pumps, which have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to take advantage of heat pump technology with a minimum of building retrofits. Just as important as the energy savings, though, McLane’s improvements are helping save a significant chunk of housing stock in Plymouth, much of which is turn-of-the-century and was showing its age.

“They were in bad shape energy wise,” McLane said, “but working with the Co-op we were able to create a plan for the energy efficiency improvements that are helping to preserve these buildings.”

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