No Shrink | No Stink | No Mix | Applicator Friendly | No Ignition Barrier Required*

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Quik-Shield 104 is an open cell spray foam insulation that does not require mixing. It is an integral component of an energy efficient building envelope, ideal for use as a high-performance insulation and air barrier. Quik-Shield 104 does not need to be mixed before application, it provides high quality features that increase job site efficiency and does not require an additional ignition barrier.

No Shrink, No Stink

Quik-Shield 104 is leading the industry of no mix products with high quality features and a 0.44pcf nominal density. This open cell spray foam provides a seamless air barrier without having to worry about foam pulling away from the studs and has low VOCs making it virtually odor-free. Quik-Shield 104 consistently yields an average of 18,000 board feet.

Applicator Friendly

No mix insulation products do not require mixing or agitation of the resin prior to application. Quik-Shield 104 is easy to use and quick to set up, allowing for faster preparation time.

Quik-Shield 104 has been evaluated using an End-Use Configuration (EUC) assembly, allowing the product to be installed in unvented attics without the need of an additional ignition barrier. This allows Quik-Shield 104 to be left exposed while meeting safety regulations and increasing job site efficiency.