1 Hour Re-entry | 4 inch pass | Green Guard Certified

Brochure Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet CCRR

Quik-Shield 112 is now better than ever! This economical closed-cell foam includes applicator friendly features such as 4” lift capability, commercial specification approvals, GREENGUARD® Certification, and 1-hour reentry. Quik-Shield 112 now delivers more efficiency and value to your job site.

Quik-Shield 112 is economical, convenient to use, and it has a fast frontend reaction that lays down smooth. While many closed cell foams are limited to 2” lifts at a time, Quik-Shield 112 can be sprayed in up to a 4” lift. This can save time by filling a wall cavity all at once without having to wait for the foam to cool between lifts.

Quik-Shield 112 was engineered better than competitors’ products, which is why we have the industry’s leading reentry time of only 1 hour without the use of fans for new residential construction. No need to shut down a job site for 24 hours, and everyone stays in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.