Thereformer This is why we are proud to sell Graco equipment! We just had a guy show up who is in tough shape, due to the fact he didn’t have the means to come up with enough money to buy a Graco set up. He ended up buying an eBay package with a real piece of junk called the “Reformer”, made in China! He finally called Jeff (after he could not get his American sales rep to return his call) having tons of problems which include:

1)  Continuous gun cross overs –  because the distributors tech in Florida told him to only put 40 PSI to the A-side drum pump and 80 to the B-side – because the air compressor wont keep up if you put more pressure to it!

2)  He was told it can handle a 5252 (02) tip “no problem”, however the proportioner is fed with ½ hose!

3)  The B-side hydraulic hose blew apart as soon as he turned it on!

4)  The machine had a bunch of lose hoses all of which were leaking!

5)  The A and B heaters when set to 120-125 over-shot by 100 degrees on the display,  and the hose heat over-shot by 35 degrees! (The tech told him the heat  would come down when spraying, but it did not. ) .

6)  The hoses (which are just regular hydraulic hoses wrapped with a heat tape) have no Moisture Guard to stop the ISO from crystallizing with the moisture in the air!  The operator is constantly cleaning the gun filter finding it clogged with ISO crystals!

7) “The Reformer”  has a 7.5 single phase 80 gallon compressor which draws 64 start up amps and 32 running. The 15000 Generac generator  is only rated for 63 Amps, which means it will barely run just the compressor say nothing about the heat for the propotioner, the hose heat, the air dryer, lights etc…

       How do you think this equipment will handle foam when fall/winter temps show up?

  So you see, when you’re having a bad day, just think how this poor guy feels! He dumped his life savings into this equipment, only to be misled by some slick sales brochures/ internet advertising!