It is officially winter, with temperatures going into the single digits your spray foam yield might be down. Remember to always check your Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for the foam that you are spraying! You will need to also check your substrate temperature relative to the TDS and may need to heat the substrate before spraying. There are winter and summer blend formulations of foam, these are made to produce the best yield based on the season/temperatures (Ask our team if you are unsure of which to use!).

Rig Featuring Hot Plates & Heated Hose

Another common issue is your chemical temperature (drum temp) is not correct. This could mean you are not heating the drum or you are over heating a drum. We sell hot plates with digital screens that could help keep your drums at the perfect temperature during the colder months! Next make sure that you have a insulated & heated hose, this will keep the material warm as it reaches your spray gun. If you already have an insulated & heated hose check to make sure it is functioning at 100 percent (we offer repair services).

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Caden Dahl · March 20, 2019 at 10:03 pm

It’s important to have your equipment working right. I’d want to hire a professional for this type of work. I’d assume they’d know what to do for the cold months.

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